Explosion-proof equipment plant
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РОСС RU С-RU.МЮ62.В.00100/23

Сертификат соответствия № РОСС RU С-RU.МЮ62.В.00100/23.

Equipment confirmed by certificate:

Explosion-proof small-sized LED light fixture SGM02-...S (CSE-STRECKE, CSE-STRECKE-U) Explosion-proof LED light fixtures SGU06 Explosion-proof light fixtures for gas discharge lamps SGJ02 (EW, EW-4070N1/U, EW-4070N2/U) with socket Е27 (for mercury Explosion-proof LED light fixtures SGJ01-...S (EV-1240U, EV-2480U, EV-3720U, EV-4960U, EV-6200U, EV-7440U, EV-11160U) Explosion-proof light fixtures SGJ01 (EV) for different lamps with Е27 socket (for incandescent lamps, energy saving lam Explosion-proof LED light fixtures SGU01(VSP4) Explosion-proof flat LED light fixture series SGU02 (CCFE-01-LEDU) Explosion-proof linear LED light fixtures series SGL01...S Explosion-proof linear LED light fixtures series SGL01...S/N made from stainless steel Explosion-proof light fixtures series SGJ04 (GSP) with socket Е40 for gas discharge lamps (for mercury, metal-halide and Explosion-proof light fixtures for fluorescent lamps series SGL01...L (LSP- ЕхТ, EXEL, AVN) Explosion-proof light fixtures SGL03 (FLFD, FLFE) with electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps Explosion-proof light fixtures SGL01...L/N from stainless steel for fluorescent lamps Explosion-proof light fixtures SGM03-350S (CSC-LEDWIN) for viewing windows Explosion-proof LED floodlights SGP05, luminous flux angle 20° or 60° Explosion-proof spotlights SGP02 (RLEE) Explosion-proof floodlights SGP01 (TIGER) Explosion-proof portable LED light fixtures SGR07 Explosion-proof light fixture for illumination of elongated rooms (corridors, tunnels) SGR05 (EVGC-P220) Explosion-proof battery flashlight FOGOR05 (SECURLUX L10) Explosion-proof LED battery flashlight FOGOR07 (SECURLUX 2) Explosion-proof LED battery flashlights FOGOR06.../AKB (SECURLUX L5R) Explosion-proof specialized battery flashlight FOGOR03 (SECURLUX L10 ALFA) Explosion-proof LED battery flashlights FOGOR06 (SECURLUX L5) Explosion-proof LED battery flashlights FOGOR04 (SECURLUX L3000) Explosion-proof LED floodlights SGP06