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Explosion-proof specialized battery flashlight FOGOR03 (SECURLUX L10 ALFA)


Explosion-proof ultra light specialized battery flashlight that features special design for protective helmets of mining workers (miners) or protective hard hats. FOGOR03 is the ultra powerful explosion-proof flashlight that is fastened to the helmet by means of clamp and is intended for local illumination of the working area. The flashlight is intended for the application under ground, including for mining rescue works as the main light source. The flashlight is equipped with 3W LED light source and 1W additional (spare) light source. For the purpose of energy saving, the flashlight is also equipped with a photo sensor that switches from 3W LED to 1W LED in case the external light source is available. Principles described in GOST R 53270-2009 FIRE LANTERN are applied for designing of flashlights.

Flashlights are resistant to low (up to -40°С) and high (up to +150°С) ambient temperatures, exposure to UV radiation, smoke, filth and water. The structure of flashlights and control elements enable to work in gloves.

The light fixture switches on in less than 1 second, LED radiation spectrum is characterized by absence of ultraviolet and infrared component.

Взрывозащищенный специализированный аккумуляторный фонарь ФОГОР03, крепление на каске

Ultra light and with a design fully integrated, FOGOR03 combines LED technology with the last generation li-ion battery to offer unique features and increase the safety when carrying out mining or construction works. Either external individual charger is used for battery charging, or group chargers for 5, 50 or 100 light fixtures.

For safety purposes, in case of flashlight discharge to the level of remaining work of the main light source of less than one hour, the flashlight switches to constant lighting mode. The flashlight electronics switches off the on/off button until the flashlight is inserted in the charger or flashlight storage battery charging is completed.

FOGOR03 specialized explosion-proof battery flashlight may be used together with helmets of many manufacturers (for instance,  UVEX FEOS model).

Universal headband for flashlight consisting of a strap and plate is provided in set with the flashlight. The headband ensures reliable fastening of the flashlight on any helmet, as well as on the head (without any headwear).

According to GOST R, hard hats are produced in four color versions - white, red, yellow and orange. White helmets are intended for managers, heads of subdivisions, HSE specialists. Red helmets - for foremen, engineers, chief mechanical and power engineers. Yellow and orange helmets - for workers and service staff. Some hard hats have areas for flashlight fastening. Bright materials are used so that a person in a helmet could be seen from faraway. During recent years, information and light reflecting stickers are used on the helmets.