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Explosion-proof LED battery flashlights FOGOR06.../AKB (SECURLUX L5R)


Explosion-proof battery flashlights FOGOR06.../AKB may be mounted on helmet as a manual flashlight. Absence of cable and separate battery unit, a lamp glass, which does not become dim, ultra-low weight, handy shape, microprocessor control and reliable operation at extreme operating conditions make the device universal for autonomous lighting when carrying out emergency repair and rescue works in hazardous areas.

The light fixture switches on in less than 1 second, LED radiation spectrum is characterized by absence of ultraviolet and infrared component.

The explosion-proof battery flashlights FOGOR06.../AKB are intended to be used as additional light source under ground, including for mining rescue works. The principles described in GOST R 53270-2009 FIRE LANTERN are applied when designing the flashlights

Photofluorescent body of FOGOR06.../AKB flashlight simplifies the search of the device in poor visibility or in case of de-energizing.

Фотолюминесцентный корпус фары фонаря

Explosion-proof battery flashlights FOGOR06.../AKB are resistant to low (up to -40°С) and high (up to +150°С) ambient temperatures, exposure to UV radiation, smoke, filth and water. The structure of flashlights and control elements enable to work in gloves.

Thanks to the built-in light sensor, the flashlight may be switched to automatic brightness control mode for comfort operation and maximum battery efficiency.

Встроенный датчик освещенности

Microprocessor control, which provides light indication of battery charge level and flashlight operation mode is used in FOGOR06.../AKB flashlights.

Flashlights FOGOR06.../AKB are completed with a storage battery, which, if necessary, may be replaced by 4 AAA non-rechargeable batteries outside hazardous areas.

Automatic charging devices are equipped with electronic cut-off system, which helps to avoid battery overcharge and charge indicator. When inserting the flashlight into the charger, it flashes 4 times, which indicates the correct inserting of the device in the block and start of charging. If the flashlight is inserted in the charger in on position, it automatially switches off and charging process starts.