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Сomputer-aided design system


"ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. is focused on constant improvement of quality of the manufactured equipment and auxiliary software. Our high qualification and profound expertise help to improve program solutions in the field of design in order to simplify the selection of products and optimization of work done by our clients. The new version of GoreltEx CAD. features additional options that may not only simplify the work with system but also expand its technical capabilities.

Option of creation of drawings and specifications in English is available in GoreltEx CAD. Hot switching of the used languages is possible for the ready product. The program interface is also available in two languages - Russian and English.

Current CAD version Release

- Added ability to design Lighting Shields;
- Added the ability to design PGSK-Modules;
- Added the ability to design sound and light equipment.

- Added SHORV-MT/PKIV-MT Hulls;
- Updated PKIVA-NT hulls;
- Added SUPU terminals;
- Fixed bugs.

GoreltEx CAD is developed for automatic creation of drawings of explosion-proof terminal boxes, starters and cable transits. The user is not required to have special skills in designing of explosion-proof equipment or deep knowledge of current standards. The system contains special algorithms, which prevent occurrence of mistakes in the process of drawing creation.

Adherence to minimum distances when arranging cable glands, terminals and control and indicating elements, blocking of interface elements  that may lead to an error when designing, automatic program update and seeding of components base, help and warning pop-up windows - all these options make the work with CAD system simple and convenient.

Система автоматизированного проектирования «ГорэлтЕх» (САПР «ГорэлтЕх») для создания чертежей взрывозащищенных клеммных коробок.

GoreltEx CAD helps to:
- select enclosures, cable glands, terminals and control and indicating elements based on the following characteristics:
- group and subgroup of explosive mixture;
- temperature class of hazardous area;
- operating temperature;
- ingress protection degree IP
- keep and edit product construction in file
- print drawings and specifications in Unified system for design documentation on A3/A4 sheets
- edit manually the arrangement of terminals, cable glands, control and indicating elements.

Also, GoreltEx CAD: 
- controls all parameters of explosion protection
- automatically selects the scale of the drawing and required compatible components
- offers different arrangement of terminals, cable glands and control elements on the enclosure
- automatically updates the program and seeds the components base
- generates mnemonics for terminal boxes, local control stations and indicating devices, that reflect the arrangement of cable glands, terminals and control and indicating elements on the enclosure.

On November 7, 2012 the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks registered the computer-aided design system of explosion-proof equipment GoreltEx (GoreltEx CAD) under No. 2013610339 in the State Register of computer software. The exclusive right holder of the system is the explosion-proof equipment plant "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. .

GoreltEx CAD is a shareware program that is distributed as a simplified version of the program used within the company to design various Ex devices and does not have a full base of the used Ex components.