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Field Repair and Restoration of Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment

Russian Ex equipment plant ZAVOD GORELTEX Co. Ltd. (former CORTEM-GORELTEX Co. Ltd.) carries out repair and restoration operations at customer’s site. GORELTEX repairs and restores either its own explosion-proof equipment with various types of protection, or that of other Russian and foreign manufacturers. All works are performed in accordance with the requirements of operation and safety procedures, regulatory documentation and available instructions. GORELTEX provides qualified repair and maintenance services for explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof equipment.

The repair and restoration technologies that GORELTEX applies enable us to carry out a full range of technical operations aimed at the maintaining or restoration of initial operational characteristics of the repaired equipment.

Repair works at customer’s site have many advantages:

• Reduction of the duration of repair and restoration works since there is no need to transport the faulty equipment to the repair company;

• Cutting financial costs since there is no need to dismantle the equipment for repair, and to remount and reinstall it after repair;

• Excluding downtime or reduction of the duration of downtime;

• Enable the customer to keep control over quality and duration of repair works, as well as intermediate acceptance and acknowledgment of the concealed works.

And this is the only possible way to repair the following types of equipment:

• Repair of large equipment that cannot be transported to stationary repair sites;

• Repair of the equipment that cannot be dismantled without substantial financial

l sses;

• Repair of the equipment the dismantling and assembly of which cause substantial downtim

e of customer’s plant;

• Repair of the equipment that went out of service due to an emergency and that requires field repair for the a

v idance of subsequent accident or substantial downtime of the plant;

The repair of explosion-proof equipment is different from the repair of general-purpose industrial equipment and requires specific knowledge and skills. The repair of such equipment is carried out according to particular methods and rules that take into account particular types and means of explosion protection.

GORELTEX carries out repair in accordance with recommendations given in certification documentation for the equipment and state standards that regulate the repair of Ex equipment.

GORELTEX performs a full range of repair works or their part by GORELTEX specialists, as well as together with customer’s and third party contractor’s specialists. Our technicians have many years’ experience in the repair of equipment with various type of explosion protection. GORELTEX has substantial warehouse stock of components and spares and long-term relationships with many components manufacturers. All this helps to carry out diagnostics, startup and remedial works of Ex equipment of any level of complexity manufactured by Russian and foreign manufacturers in the shortest possible time.

The facilities of GORELTEX R&D laboratory allow us to check that the repaired equipment is serviceable and conforms to the requirements of the standard in the field of explosion protection.

At each stage, the electrical equipment is subject to quality control in order to check that the repaired equipment is serviceable and conforms to the requirements of the standard in the field of explosion protection. Application of the above-mentioned methods during the repair of the equipment with various types of explosion protection ensures its long-term and safe operation at industrial sites.

GORELTEX provides its clients with information and technical support within warranty and post warranty period, which is provided by qualified staff who quickly resolve any issues, including those related to its repair and restoration.

Strict adherence to maintenance rules and timely repair of the equipment located in hazardous areas ensure safe operation of industrial facilities, safety of the personnel, environmental protection and industrial efficiency of the plant.