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Major Repair and Upgrade of Electrical Grid and Data Transmission Systems in Hazardous Areas

Having extensive experience in this field, ZAVOD GORELTEX Co. Ltd. (former CORTEM-GORELTEX Co. Ltd.) carries out high-quality full or partial major repair and upgrade of the explosion-proof electrical grid and data transmission systems of its own production and that of other Russian and foreign companies.

In the course of major repair, the expired service life of the explosion-proof electrical grid and data transmission systems is fully or partially restored, as well as their particular elements are replaced. Also, within the framework of major repair we can upgrade the explosion-proof systems in order to increase the operational efficiency and the service life and to ensure uninterrupted operation and to cut the operational costs.

The major repair provides for a full dismantling of the explosion-proof electrical grid and data transmission systems, as well as dismantling of the assembly units for the inspection, cleaning of parts and remedial work, replacement of life-limited parts and assembly units that do not ensure safe operation of the equipment. In the course of the major repair, the equipment is subject to thorough visual inspection, measurements, tests and remedial works. During major repair works, initial technical characteristics are restored and full or partial upgrade of the explosion-proof electrical grid and data transmission systems takes place.

GORELTEX pays specific attention to reliability and safety issues during major repair of the equipment installed at dangerous production facilities.

The major repair services start with the preliminary consultation and analysis of the previous design documentation of the facility. The scope of major repair works is defined in each particular case. GORELTEX specialists will develop the plan of major repair in the way to reduce or even avoid the suspension of technological cycle. GORELTEX specialists offer possible options to improve and upgrade the structure of the repaired equipment in order to improve the operating characteristics and increase its efficiency. We use the materials and equipment for the design that comply with all modern requirements and are available for the customer or upon their choice, taking into account the price/quality combination. After development and approval of a major repair project, we proceed with supplying the facility with all required materials and execution of works.

Installation works at the customer’s site may be fully performed by GORELTEX specialists, as well as together with customer’s and third party contractor’s specialists.

The guarantee service life of repaired and upgraded electrical grid and data transmission systems is 2 years.

The whole range of major repair and upgrade works of explosion-proof electrical grid and data transmission systems is carried out by GORELTEX specialists: design engineers, installation specialists, QA engineers and other Ex equipment specialists.

Advantages of cooperation:

• Certificate of conformity for the right to provide installation, repair and maintenance services for the explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof equipment;

• Qualified staff that has undergone attestation and knowledge check;

• Wide experience in the design and manufacture of explosion-proof and dust- and moisture-proof electrical equipment;

• Use of cutting-edge technologies and modern components in the design and manufacturing;

• Cooperation with reliable Russian and foreign suppliers of materials and components;

• Guarantee obligations for the repaired equipment.