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Previous name The Customs Union name Description
SA/SAG KSRV Explosion-proof aluminum-silicon alloy junction boxes series KSRV (SA/SAG)
CCFE/SS SHORV-N Explosion-proof stainless steel boxes of SHORV-N type (CCFE/SS) (flameproof enclosures)
KSRV-T... Ready standard assemblies of KSRV-T... explosion-proof junction boxes
CCFE SHORV Aluminum-silicon alloy explosion-proof boxes SHORV (CCFE) (flameproof enclosures)
DVG-TERMOSTAT3 Explosion-proof thermostat DVG-TERMOSTAT3
KSRV-S, SA/SS KSRV-N Explosion-proof stainless steel junction boxes type KSRV-N (KSRV-S, SA/SS)
CSC PPG 25А PPG series explosion-proof Ex d rotary switches 20А, 25А
SA/P, KSRV-KP KSRV-P Explosion-proof armored polyester junction boxes type KSRV-P (SA/P, KSRV-KP)
KSRV-M Explosion-proof mild steel junction boxes type KSRV-M
KSRV-T... Ready standard assemblies of explosion-proof junction boxes KSRV-T...
М-TERMOSTAT ТЕРМОДАТЧИК-1 Взрывозащищенные биметаллические термостаты ТЕРМОДАТЧИК-1 (М-TERMOSTAT)
CCA-H-RELAY DVG-SVET Explosion-proof twilight switch DVG-SVET (CCA-H-RELAY)
PS-HERCON DVG-MV2 Explosion-proof magnetic reed switch DVG-MV2 (PS-HERCON)
S-TERMOSTAT ДВГ-ТЕРМОСТАТ1 Взрывозащищенные разветвительные коробки для распределения энергии и сбора информации ДВГ-ТЕРМОСТАТ1 (S-TERMOSTAT)
SA-A2CORD GTG-VK2 Explosion-proof boxes for connection of heating accessories under heat insulation GTG-VK2 (SA-A2CORD)
SA-A2CORD GTG-VK2 Standard explosion-proof boxes for installation of heating systems of GTG-VK2 (SA-A2CORD)
SA-CORD GTG-VK1 Explosion-proof boxes for connection of heating accessories under heat insulation GTG-VK1 (SA-CORD)
MC-CORD GTG-ZGK Explosion-proof cable element for heating cable end termination GTG-ZGK (MC-CORD) (plug for heating cable)
SA-RS-422/485 KTG-RI Explosion-proof interface splitter KTG-RI (SA-RS-422/485)
CCFE SHORV…-O SHORV…-O (CCFE) explosion-proof boxes with window (flameproof joints)
SA-CORD GTG-VK1 Standard explosion-proof boxes for installation of heating systems GTG-VK1 (SA-CORD)
CCA SHORVA Aluminum-silicon alloy explosion-proof boxes SHORVA (CCA) (flameproof enclosures)
SHORVE-S PKIE-N Explosion-proof stainless steel local control stations and indicating devices PKIE-N (SHORVE-S) as per customer's layout
S KKVA Explosion-proof terminal boxes of KKVA (S) series
CCA-V SHORVA…-О SHORVA…-О (CCA-V ) explosion-proof aluminum-silicon alloy boxes with window (flameproof joints)
EFSCO PPG 63A, 80A PPG series explosion-proof Ex d rotary switches 63A, 80A
SHORVE PKIE Aluminum-silicon alloy explosion-proof local control stations and indicating devices PKIE (SHORVE) as per customer's layout
SP/RUBBER MGR Flexible polymer cable elements armored with stainless steel MGR (SP/RUBBER)
CRV-Si PG-SMAZKA Silicone lubricant PG-SMAZKA (CRV-Si)
9185/12-4.-10 Барьер с гальванической развязкой для цифровых сигналов 9185/12-4.-10 для разделения искробезопасных интерфейсов полевой шины
CSC KV-KIP KV-KIP (CSC) explosion-proof Exd enclosures (flameproof joints) for measuring instruments and video cameras (ammeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, video cameras and photo relays)
PKIVA... Ready standard Exd local control stations and indicating devices, rotary switches (switches)
PKIVA PKIVA PKIVA (CSE) one-, two-, three-button explosion-proof local control stations and signaling devices
CSE+CSE ПКИВ Explosion-proof four-, five-, six-, seven-button explosion-proof local control stations and indicating devices PKIV (CSE+CSE)
9176/.0-1.-00 Барьер с гальванической развязкой для дискретных выходных сигналов 9176/.0-1.-00 для искробезопасной эксплуатации электромагнитных клапанов, звуковых и световых сигнализаторов, находящихся во взрывоопасной зоне 2
9418/0* Взрывозащищенное нагрузочное сопротивление шины 9418/0* для полевых шин Foundation Fieldbus H1 и Profibus PA
PKIE-N... Ready standard stainless steel local control stations and indicating devices PKIE-N (SHORVE-S)
SHORVE... PKIE... Ready aluminum-silicon alloy explosion-proof local control stations and indicating devices PKIE (SHORVE)
CCFE-01 PKIV Explosion-proof multi-button local control stations and indicating devices PKIV (CCFE-01)
LGE, KGE, PGE, PTCE, PSGE, IPGA, IPGV Control and indicating elements Ex d e IIC U with polymer base
PKIE-PKL PKIE-PKL explosion-proof rocker switches
KGV, LGV, PGVA, RGV ExdIICU control and indicating elements with metal base of increased strength
M-PC006 KKG-MD KKG-MD (M-PC006) series explosion-proof three-dimensional coordinate control joysticks
S-INDICATOR PGS-IT11 PGS-IT11 (S-INDICATOR) explosion-proof LED sign
KGE12, TERMODATCHIK-1, TERMODATCHIK-2, Termodatchik-IP, PSGV01, PSG02, PSGE01 Elements and modules for specific tasks
SHORVE-KP PKIE-P Explosion-proof armored polyester local control stations and indicating devices PKIE-P (SHORVE-KP) as per customer's layout
QFM ШГВ, ШГВА, ШГЕ, УВГ Customized explosion-proof cabinets SHGV, SHGVA, SHGE, UVG (QFM)
PY-EXT RGM-U Explosion-proof extension cord RGM-U (PY-EXT) with reel
LGE...K, KGE...K, PGE...K, PGEZ...K, PTCE...K Control and indicating device with polymer base
М-Z001, М-Z002, М-Z003, М-Z004, M-Ethernet POE-3.3, M-Ethernet POE-5..., M-Ethernet POE-12..., PC-PLC, M-ZPLC, М-RD IT elements and modules
/RAMA IIGb/IIIDb explosion-proof frames for wall and floor mounting as per customer's specification
SA-INDICATOR/CLOCK PGS-CHASY Explosion-proof LED informational sign (clock) series PGS-CHASY (SA-INDICATOR/CLOCK)
EMHS-12/MOD1 PGZ-REVUN4 Exd sound signaling device with an option of remote tone selection PGZ-REVUN4 (EMHS-12/MOD1)
SHORVE-KP... PKIE-P... Ready standard armored polyester local control stations and indicating devices PKIE-P (SHORVE-KP)
CRV-A PG-REZBA-G PG-REZBA-G (CRV-A) anaerobic sealant
PG-COMPOUND PG-COMPOUND for sealing of cable glands and separating elements
CRV-FIRE PG-VULKAN Thermosetting expanding sealant PG-VULKAN (CRV-FIRE)
ECD/EXE DKUE Drain and breather plugs DKUE (ECD/EXE)
RGMEK Explosion-proof built-in sockets type RGMEK for installation into enclosures with
EV-4050-FLASH PGS-VSPYSHKA Explosion-proof impulse light signaling devices PGS-VSPYSHKA (EV-4050-FLASH)
SА-INDICATOR/БАТ PGS-IT33.../BAT Explosion-proof LED sign with emergency power supply PGS-IT33.../BAT (SА-INDICATOR/BAT)
PGS-IT35 Explosion-proof rectangular LED sign PGS-IT35
CCA-03H-INDICATOR PGS-IT34 Explosion-proof round signs PGS-IT34 (CCA-03H-INDICATOR)
SA-INDICATOR/SS PGS-IT31 Stainless steel explosion-proof lighted sign PGS-IT31 (SA-INDICATOR/SS) as per customer's specification
EV-4050-SIGNAL PGS-SIGNAL Explosion-proof light signaling devices PGS-SIGNAL (EV-4050-SIGNAL)
CSE-ALARM-122 PGSK02 Explosion-proof light and sound signaling device PGSK02 (CSE-ALARM-122)
PGSK03 Explosion-proof light and sound signaling device PGSK03
PGSK04 Explosion-proof sound-and-light sign PGSK04
CCFE-BOARD PKI-TABLO Explosion-proof board for process indication PKI-TABLO (CCFE-BOARD) as per customer's specification
EMHS-12, EMH-12MD, EMHS-20, EMH-20MD PGZ-REVUN32 Exd 32-tone sound signaling device PGZ-REVUN32 (EMHS-12, EMH-12MD, EMHS-20, EMH-20MD)
EMHS PGZ-SIRENA1 Exd sound signaling device PGZ-SIRENA1 (EMHS) (electrodynamic siren)
SA-INDICATOR/INFO PGS-BS Explosion-proof digital informational LED display PGS-BS (SA-INDICATOR/INFO)
S-HOOTER-122 PGZ-SIRENA2 Sound signaling devices PGZ-SIRENA2 (S-HOOTER-122)
EMHS-20MDLOUD/TR PGZ-GROM2 Explosion-proof loudspeakers series PGZ-GROM2 (EMH-20MDLOUD/TR)
CSP VNG-1 Explosion-proof thermal housings VNG-1 (CSP) for video cameras
EV-4050-HOOTER-122 PGSK01 Explosion-proof sound-and-light signaling device PGSK01 (EV-4050-HOOTER-122) (explosion-proof combined siren+beacon)
PGSK-MODULE PGSK-MODULE Explosion-proof combined sound/sound-and-light signaling devices PGSK-MODULE (QFM-SA/EMH, QFM-CCFE/EMH)
QFM-S-INDICATOR/M-Q-122 PGSK-TABLO Explosion-proof audible and visual sign PGSK-TABLO (QFM-S-INDICATOR/M-Q-122)
CCA-VIDEO VNG-2 Explosion-proof video camera with analog output VNG-2 (CCA-VIDEO)
GSP SGJ04 Explosion-proof light fixtures series SGJ04 (GSP) with socket Е40 for gas discharge lamps (for mercury, metal-halide and sodium lamps)
IP-S-101 IP-101-GORELTEX1-A1 Explosion-proof heat-actuated spot-type digital fire detector IP-101-GORELTEX1-A1 (IP-S-101)
GTG-MODULE Explosion-proof heater module GTG-MODULE
FP VGS Explsoion-proof VGS plugs (FP)
CSE-IP-535 IP-535-GORELTEX1 Explosion-proof manual pull stations IP-535-GORELTEX1 (CSE-IP-535)
IP-S-535-GORELTEX IP-535-GORELTEX2-A Explosion-proof manual pull stations IP-535-GORELTEX2-A (IP-S-535-GORELTEX)
SA-TERMOSTAT-D GTG-PT Explosion-proof programmable thermostat GTG-PT (SA-TERMOSTAT-D)
EMHA-WAKEUP DVG-SHAG Explosion-proof microwave motion sensors series DVG-SHAG (EMHA-WAKEUP)
PKIV-UPM, PKIVA-UPM Explosion-proof control units for lifting mechanisms PKIV-UPM, PKIVA-UPM
PS DVG-KV Explosion-proof limit switches series DVG-KV (PS)
IP-S-101 IP-101-GORELTEX1-D Explosion-proof heat-actuated spot-type digital fire detector IP-101-GORELTEX1-D (IP-S-101)
EFD-3 SHGV-RT3 Exploion-proof circuit breaker SHGV-RT3 (EFD-3) with thermal protection function
CCFE-X-PUSK SHGV…-PUSK Explosion-proof starter SHGV…-PUSK (CCFE-X-PUSK)
CCA-X-M SHGVA…-PUSK Explosion-proof starter SHGVA…-PUSK (CCA-X-M)
IP-S-101 IP-101-GORELTEX1-B Explosion-proof heat-actuated spot-type digital fire detector IP-101-GORELTEX1-B (IP-S-101)
PKIVA-UVL, PKIV-ULK, PKIV-REVIZIYA, PKIV-IPK Explosion-proof lift call panels PKIVA-UVL, lift control panels PKIV-ULK, lift control panels from roof PKIV-REVIZIYA, car position indication panels PKIV-IPK
PY RGM Explosion-proof sockets RGM (PY)
CCFE-MR, SA-MR, CCFE-CF, SA-CF PKIV-DPU, PKIE-DPU Explosion-proof remote drive control panel PKIV-DPU, PKIE-DPU (CCFE-MR, SA-MR, CCFE-CF, SA-CF)
FSQC RGS Explosion-proof sockets RGS (FSQC)
IP-S-101 IP-101-GORELTEX1-A2 Explosion-proof heat-actuated spot-type digital fire detector IP-101-GORELTEX1-A2 (IP-S-101)
PY/P RGME Explosion-proof sockets RGME (PY/P)
SPY/P VGME Explosion-proof plugs VGME (SPY/P)
SPY VGM Explosion-proof plugs VGM (SPY)
EPC, EPRC RGB Explosion-proof sockets RGB (EPC/EPRC)
AP-4125 VGB Explosion-proof plugs VGB (AP-4125)
RGVK Explosion-proof built-in sockets RGVK for installation in Ex d enclosures
RGMK, RGMKV, VGMK, VGMKV Explosion-Proof Sockets RGMK/RGMKV and Plugs VGMK/VGMKV
CCA-GRD SHGVA-UZG Explosion-proof grounding device SHGVA-UZG (CCA-GRD)
FEC KNV Explosion-proof cable glands KNV (FEC) for non-armored cable
CCFE-GRD SHGV-UZG Explosion-proof grounding device SHGV-UZG (CCFE-GRD)
CSE-IP-535 IP-535-GORELTEX1-А Explosion-proof manual pull station IP-535-GORELTEX1-А (CSE-IP-535)
TIGER SGP01 Explosion-proof floodlights SGP01 (TIGER)
EVGC-P220 SGR05 Explosion-proof light fixture for illumination of elongated rooms (corridors, tunnels) SGR05 (EVGC-P220)
GTG-RADIATOR2 Explosion-proof heater GTG-RADIATOR2
CCFE UVR Explosion-proof power board UVR (CCFE) (10kV)
CSE-IP-535 IP-535-GORELTEX1-В Explosion-proof manual pull stations IP-535-GORELTEX1-В (CSE-IP-535)
SA-BUFIP SHGV-IBP Explosion-proof buffer electric power sources SHGV-IBP (SA-BUFIP)
SHGVA-IBP Explosion-proof uninterruptible power source SHGVA-IBP
IP-S-101 IP-101-GORELTEX1-C Explosion-proof heat-actuated spot-type digital fire detector IP-101-GORELTEX1-C (IP-S-101)
IP-S-101 IP-101-GORELTEX-A3 Explosion-proof heat-actuated spot-type digital fire detector IP-101-GORELTEX1-А3 (ИП-S-101)
SGU06 Explosion-proof LED light fixtures SGU06
CSE-STRECKE, CSE-STRECKE-U SGM02-...S Explosion-proof small-sized LED light fixture SGM02-...S (CSE-STRECKE, CSE-STRECKE-U)
EW, EW-4070N1/U, EW-4070N2/U SGJ02 Explosion-proof light fixtures for gas discharge lamps SGJ02 (EW, EW-4070N1/U, EW-4070N2/U) with socket Е27 (for mercury, metal halide and sodium lamps)
EVGC-P12, EVGC-P24 SGR01 Explosion-proof portable light fixtures SGR01 (EVGC-P12 / EVGC-P24)
SHGV-NT-UZG ШГВ-НТ-УЗГ Explosion-proof grounding device SHGV-NT-UZG made of stainless steel
CSC-LEDHAND SGR02-350S Explosion-proof portable light fixture SGR02-350S (CSC-LEDHAND)
EV-1240U, EV-2480U, EV-3720U, EV-4960U, EV-6200U, EV-7440U, EV-11160U SGJ01-...S Explosion-proof LED light fixtures SGJ01-...S (EV-1240U, EV-2480U, EV-3720U, EV-4960U, EV-6200U, EV-7440U, EV-11160U)
EV SGJ01 Explosion-proof light fixtures SGJ01 (EV) for different lamps with Е27 socket (for incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps, etc.)
VSP4 SGU01 Explosion-proof LED light fixtures SGU01(VSP4)
CCFE-01-LEDU SGU02 Explosion-proof flat LED light fixture series SGU02 (CCFE-01-LEDU)
SGL01...S Explosion-proof linear LED light fixtures series SGL01...S
SGL01...S/N Explosion-proof linear LED light fixtures series SGL01...S/N made from stainless steel
LSP- ЕхТ, EXEL, AVN SGL01...L Explosion-proof light fixtures for fluorescent lamps series SGL01...L (LSP- ЕхТ, EXEL, AVN)
FLFD, FLFE SGL03 Explosion-proof light fixtures SGL03 (FLFD, FLFE) with electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps
SGL01...L/N Explosion-proof light fixtures SGL01...L/N from stainless steel for fluorescent lamps
CSC-LEDWIN SGM03-350S Explosion-proof light fixtures SGM03-350S (CSC-LEDWIN) for viewing windows
SGP05 Explosion-proof LED floodlights SGP05, luminous flux angle 20° or 60°
VNG-3 Explosion-proof video camera with analog output VNG-3
RLEE SGP02 Explosion-proof spotlights SGP02 (RLEE)
SGR07 Explosion-proof portable LED light fixtures SGR07
CCA-VIDEOIP VNG-2.../LS Explosion-proof IP camera for local network connection VNG-2.../LS (CCA-VIDEOIP)
XLF-9 SGA01-S Explosion-proof LED obstruction lights SGA01-S (XLF-9)
XLF-3 SGA02 Explosion-proof LED obstruction lights SGA02 (XLF-3)
ССА-02/S PGS-SVETOFOR Explosion-proof LED traffic light PGS-SVETOFOR (ССА-02/S)
SECURLUX L10 FOGOR05 Explosion-proof battery flashlight FOGOR05 (SECURLUX L10)
UVG-MUSO Explosion-proof electronic control modules for light signaling devices
SECURLUX 2 FOGOR07 Explosion-proof LED battery flashlight FOGOR07 (SECURLUX 2)
SECURLUX L5R FOGOR06.../AKB Explosion-proof LED battery flashlights FOGOR06.../AKB (SECURLUX L5R)
SECURLUX L10 ALFA FOGOR03 Explosion-proof specialized battery flashlight FOGOR03 (SECURLUX L10 ALFA)
SHG General industrial cabinets and boards SHG as per customer's layout
SECURLUX L3000 FOGOR04 Explosion-proof LED battery flashlights FOGOR04 (SECURLUX L3000)
ELF TUG Angle element TUG (ELF)
EYS RZV Fitting joints series RZV (EYS)
NPS RKNN-ZK Nipple-barrier series RKNN-ZK (NPS) with two threaded joints
LBH TEG1 Conduit element TEG1 (LBH)
SECURLUX L5 FOGORР06 Explosion-proof LED battery flashlights FOGOR06 (SECURLUX L5)
CCFE-R SHGV-AVR Explosion-proof boards with automatic load transfer type SHGV-AVR (CCFE-R)
CCFE-VRP SHGV-VRP Explosion-proof circuit breaker-disconnector-fuse SHGV-VRP (CCFE-VRP)
CCA-VRP SHGVA-VRP Explosion-proof circuit breaker-disconnector-fuse SHGVA-VRP (CCA-VRP)
CCFE-X-SVET SHGV...-SVET Explosion-proof lighting distribution board type SHGV...-SVET (CCFE-X-SVET)
FRAME-CORD ОКТ1 Support brackets for thermal insulation ОКТ1 (FRAME-CORD)
FEC/CP KNVZ Explosion-proof cable glands KNVZ (FEC/CP) for encapsulation for non-armored cable
FRAME-P1CORD ОКТ3 Explosion-proof support brackets for thermal insulation ОКТ3 (FRAME-P1CORD)
KNEP KNEP explosion-proof cable glands made from polyamide for non-armored cable
FECA, FECAS KOV Explosion-proof cable glands KOV (FECA, FECAS) for armored cable with double sealing for all types of armor/braid
S SKV Explosion-proof wiring boxes series SKV (S)
FETG KNVM Explosion-proof cable glands series KNVM (FETG) for non-armored cable in metal hoses
FEC/CORD KVT Explosion-proof cable elements KVT (FEC/CORD) for insertion of heating cable
FECA/CP KOVZ Explosion-proof cable glands KOVZ (FECA/CP) for encapsulation for armored cable
KOVTVL Explosion-proof universal cable glands KOVTVL for armored and non-armored cable in hoses, pipe conduits, metal hoses, as well as open wiring or cable laid in cable tray; inner thread for external connection
A2FX…/EXE KNE Explosion-proof cable glands KNE series (A2FX…/EXE)
SP MGM, MGMA Explosion-proof flexible conduit series MGM, MGMA (SP)
FETF KNVTV Explosion-proof cable glands KNVTV (FETF) for non-armored cable in hoses, conduits, metal hoses; inner thread for external connection
ECD DKUV Drain and breather plugs DKUV (ECD)
ECDS VKU Breather plugs VKU (ECDS)
PT VZKP Explosion-proof protective plugs VZKP (PT)
МС VZV Explosion-proof plugs VZV (МС)
SP/SD MGKV Ready explosion-proof flexible conduit series MGKV (SP/SD)
NP, CPZ NVN Explosion-proof nipples series NVN (NP, CPZ)
AFC-MF TSVNA Fitting joints series TSVNA (AFC-MF)
PT/FE VZKV Explosion-proof protective plugs VZKV (PT/FE)
CRV-DTS01 PG-GERMETIC Watertight insulation PG-GERMETIC (CRV-DTS01) for protection against armor/braid flooding
FETM KNVTN Explosion-proof cable glands KNVTN (FETM) for non-armored cable in hoses, conduits, metal hoses; outer thread for external connection
FETAF KOVTV Explosion-proof cable glands KOVTV (FETAF) for armored cable in hoses, conduits, metal hoses; inner thread for external connection
FETAM KOVTN Explosion-proof cable glands KOVTN (FETAM) for armored cable in hoses, conduits, metal hoses; outer thread for external connection
A2FXR.../EXE KNETN Explosion-proof cable glands series KNETN (A2FXR.../EXE) for non-armored cable in hoses, conduits, metal hoses; male thread for external connection
A2FXRF.../EXE KNETV Explosion-proof cable glands series KNETV (A2FXRF.../EXE) for non-armored cable in hoses, conduits, metal hoses; female thread for exxternal connection
ОКТ4 Support brackets for thermal insulation ОКТ4
ADL, RE, REM, REN, REB AV Explosion-proof adapters series AV (ADL, RE, REM, REN, REB)
CPP, PLG VZN Explosion-proof plugs series VZN (CPP, PLG)
PLG VZNP Explosion-proof polyamide plugs VZNP (PLG)
AFC-MM TSNNA Fitting joints series TSNNA (AFC-MM)
AFC-FF TSVVA Fitting joints series TSVVA (AFC-FF)
EZS RZG Fitting joints series RZG (EZS)
FAN-EB VGO1 Explosion-proof axial fans VGO1 (FAN-EB)
FAN-EB/M1 VGOV1 Explosion-proof axial duct fan VGOV1 (FAN-EB/M1)
FAN-C/M3 VGOK1 Explosion-proof fans VGOK1 (FAN-C/M3) for roofs
KSH/TERMO-HUGE GTG-CONTAINER All-season heated protective containers GTG-CONTAINER (KSH/TERMO-HUGE) with electric heating
CRV-RTV PG-TERMOKLEY Thermally conductive mounting sealant PG-TERMOKLEY (CRV-RTV)
PG-KLEY-E Two-component epoxy composition PG-KLEY-E
EM, CPZF NVV Transition coupling series NVV (EM, CPZF)
PGS-IT36 Explosion-proof LED sign PGS-IT36
КSH/TERMO-BOX GTG-SHKAF Explosion-proof all-weather thermal cabinets GTG-SHKAF (KSH/TERMO-BOX)
TP RKN-ZK Transition cable element series RKN-ZK (TP) with threaded joint
СP RKNC-ZK Transition cable element series RKNC-ZK (СP) with cylindrical joint
FB SV Glass fiber
KSH/TERMO-BOX GTG-SHKAF Explosion-proof all-weather floor-mounted thermal cabinets GTG-SHKAF (KSH/TERMO-BOX) with electric heating
RETO-PLATE-HS-480W-T190 GTG-OSHA Explosion-proof heaters GTG-OSHA (RETO-PLATE-HS-480W-T190) for automation cabinets
RETO-PLATE/600, RETO-PLATE/1200 GTG-PLASTINA4 Explosion-proof heating plates GTG-PLASTINA4 (RETO-PLATE/600, RETO-PLATE/1200)
RETO-CORD/S/R105-S-MZ-50W GTG-KABEL1-105 Explosion-proof flexible heating medium temperature HV self-regulating cable GTG-KABEL1-105 (RETO-CORD/S/R105-S-MZ)
RETO-PLATE-300W/T190, RETO-PLATE-600W/T190, RETO-PLATE-1200W/T190 GTG-PLASTINA1 Explosion-proof heating plates GTG-PLASTINA1 (RETO-PLATE-300W/T190, RETO-PLATE-600W/T190, RETO-PLATE-1200W/T190)
RETO-PLATE-CAVO-15W GTG-PLASTINA5 Explosion-proof small-sized heating plates GTG-PLASTINA5 (RETO-PLATE-CAVO-15W)
RETO-PLATE-POST-M1-T80 GTG-PLASTINA3 Explosion-proof directional heating plates GTG-PLASTINA3 (RETO-PLATE-POST-M1-T80)
RETO-PLATE-CAVO GTG-PLASTINA2 Explosion-proof small-sized heating plates GTG-PLASTINA2 (RETO-PLATE-CAVO)
RETO-CORD/S/R65-S-LD-30W RETO-CORD/S/R65-S-LD-50W GTG-KABEL1-65 Explosion-proof flexible heating low temperature HV self-regulating cable GTG-KABEL1-65 (RETO-CORD/S/R65-S-LD)
RETO-CORD/S/R130-S-HG-50W GTG-KABEL1-130 Explosion-proof flexible heating high temperature high power self-regulating cable GTG-KABEL1-130 (RETO-CORD/S/R130-S-HG-50W)
RETO-CORD/RD2-RD4 GTG-KABEL2 Explosion-proof flexible single phase constant wattage heating cable GTG-KABEL2 (RETO-CORD/RD2-RD4)
RETO-CORD/RD3 GTG-KABEL3 Explosion-proof flexible three-phase constant wattage heating cable GTG-KABEL3 (RETO-CORD/RD3)
RETO-FIR-PLATE GTG-PLASTINA6-Х/PROM Non-explosion-proof industrial dust-proof and moisture-proof heating plates GTG-PLASTINA6-Х/PROM (RETO-FIR-PLATE)
RETO-FIR-RIBBON GTG-LENTA3-Х/PROM Non-explosion-proof industrial dust-proof and moisture-proof flexible heating tapes GTG-LENTA3-Х/PROM (RETO-FIR-RIBBON)
RETO-PLATE-DRUM-M1/T120 GTG-LENTA2 Explosion-proof heating plates for transportable reservoirs (drums) GTG-LENTA2 (RETO-PLATE-DRUM-M1/T120)
RETO-PLATE-VALVOLA-M1-T190 GTG-LENTA1 Explosion-proof quick-removal heating tape GTG-LENTA1 (RETO-PLATE-VALVOLA-M1-T190)
FAN-C/M1, FAN-CS, FAN-CB VGR2 Explosion-proof radial fans VGR2 (FAN-C/M1, FAN-CS, FAN-CB)
ЕМ-ExT VGO2 Explosion-proof axial fans VGO2 (ЕМ-ExT) for ventilation systems and equipment cooling
ZKG-N ZKG-N Stainless Steel Explosion-Proof Heated Cabinet for I&C
SHGV-VA Compact explosion-proof switching module SHGV-VA with circuit breaker
CCA-АВТ SHGV-VA Compact explosion-proof switching module SHGV-VA (CCA-ABT) with circuit breaker
SGP06 Explosion-proof LED floodlights SGP06
9481/12-08-11 Взрывозащищенный температурный входной модуль 9481/12-08-11, 8 каналов для установки во взрывоопасной Зоне 1
9480/12-08-11 Взрывозащищенный температурный входной модуль 9480/12-08-11, 8 каналов для установки во взрывоопасной Зоне 1
M-CORD ГТГ-СГК Взрывозащищенный кабельный элемент для сращивания греющего кабеля ГТГ-СГК (M-CORD)
ШГВА-ПТ-401 Взрывозащищенный программируемый термостат ШГВА-ПТ-401
KKG-KP (М-PC) ККГ-КП Explosion-proof keyboards series KKG-KP (М-PC)
FAN-C/M4 ВГР4 Взрывозащищенные вентиляторы ВГР4 (FAN-C/M4)
FAN-C/M2 ВГР3 Взрывозащищенные радиальные вентиляторы ВГР3 (FAN-C/M2)
VNG-4 ВНГ-4 Explosion-proof weather-proof cooled housings VNG-4 series, stainless steel
SA-АКБ ВИП-АКБ Взрывозащищенные аккумуляторные батареи ВИП-АКБ (SA-АКБ)
KKG-SP (M-PC340) ККГ-СП Explosion-proof infrared sensor panel KKG-SP (M-PC340)
SHORV8914068 «HALK» ЩОРВ8914068 «ХАЛК» Dual Access Enclosure Series SHORV “HALK”
SHORV-NT SHORV-NT type explosion-proof stainless steel boxes (flameproof enclosures)
ZKG-P ZKG-P Polyamide Explosion-Proof Heated Cabinet for I&C
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