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Contract Manufacturing of Explosion-Proof Equipment (ODM Contract, OEM Contract, OCM Contract, CM Contract)

Outsourcing is gaining traction in modern business. Realizing that it is not cost-effective and simply not possible to do everything equally well, more companies are making use of industrial specialization. There is a wide range of application for outsourcing. Particular niche in this field is occupied by industrial outsourcing, so-called contract manufacturing (i.e. contractual transfer of industrial process).

Main advantages of switching to contract manufacturing:

• Increase the competitiveness of services provided;

• Possibility to focus on main activities;

• Release of internal resources for other purposes;

• Increase the quality of services provided;

• No need to purchase and place specialized technological equipment;

• Involve highly qualified personnel;

• Save financial resources and cut the costs;

• Increase labor efficiency;

• Ensure production efficiency;

• Access to state-of-the-art technologies;

• Quick lead time;

“ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. (former “CORTEM-GORELTEX” Co. Ltd.) is the enterprise focused on the development and manufacture of equipment for hazardous areas. The primary task of GORELTEX contract manufacturing is to ensure stable quality of products released and to cut the costs. Highly qualified personnel, modern equipment and well-organized manufacturing process guarantee the achievement of the objective. The quality of products and services provided by GORELTEX are certified by internationally recognized certificate ISO 9001.

The advantages of contract manufacturing of GORELTEX:

• Ensuring safety of hazardous industrial facilities;

• Fault tolerance of equipment;

• Cutting production time;

• Optimization of manufacturing process;

• Costs and time saving;

ODM contract

ODM contract (Original Design Manufacturing) is the type of cooperation between two companies, when a company allows the other company to design and produce the products. Such cooperation is also called as Sales Contract.

In our particular case, GORELTEX designs and manufactures products according to their own original design at their own production site based on Customer's specifications, and then the products are released by the Customer under their own trademark.

The difference between ODM contract and OEM contract is that the Customer places an order not only for manufacturing, but also for development and design. GORELTEX uses standard configuration of the products and produces them using their technologies and practices. In this case, the Customer is the originator of the idea and concept of further promotion of the products.

Upon Customer’s request, the required elements produced by the Customer or third party companies may be included in the assembly of the equipment. Many of our customers have their own production sites, but they order the release of the finished product at GORELTEX, since narrow specialization provides a good correlation between PRICE, QUALITY AND TIME.

The final factor in favor of ODM manufacturing is the fact that the volume of own production does not allow the Customer to manufacture the required quantity of products and to meet the demand. Manufacturing facilities of GORELTEX make the release of large and small batches of products profitable when placing orders under ODM contract.

ODM manufacturing does not require any design, tests, purchase of components, launch of production, quality control, products certification from the Customer. ODM manufacturing at GORELTEX facilities is necessary as well for those Customers that are willing to produce explosion-proof equipment from scratch.

If you are planning to develop an explosion-proof device, placing an order at GORELTEX industrial facilities under ODM contract would be an appropriate way to get a high-quality and cost-effective product.

OEM contract

OEM contract (Original Equipment Manufacturing) is the type of cooperation between two companies under which GORELTEX manufactures products or their parts as per Customer’s documentation and design that will be later sold under trademark of the brand owner company.

In most cases, the manufacture of the whole product or its part is delegated to GORELTEX due to the absence of required manufacturing facilities or in the event it is impossible to manufacture the end product independently or for other reasons.

OEM products are supplied to GORELTEX in the form not intended for the end buyer. Such products are designed for industrial manufacturers. They are supplied in “technical” packages, they do not have a guarantee, accessories or documentation. Since OEM products do not require the costs for marketing, branded package and accessories, they cost 5-20% lower than usual CTM products (Private Label, also called as VAR Value Added Reseller).

When creating OEM products, GORELTEX pays specific attention to the control of all stages of product manufacture and conformity to valid state standards.

OCM contract

OCM contract (Original Components Manufacturing) is the type of cooperation between two companies under which GORELTEX designs, tests, certifies and manufactures components that are part of the final Customer’s product at the request of a third party.

It is common in modern industry that highly specialized components to which strict quality requirements are imposed, are manufactured by large companies that have substantial expertise in the release of specific equipment and respective facilities and workforce capacity.

Production under OCM contract is often driven by the lack of expertise in detailed engineering, specific knowledge on flowing processes during the life cycle of products, possibility to check and test the components.

GORELTEX can offer the manufacture of customized non-standard explosion-proof enclosures (flameproof enclosures). During casting stage, a logo and text provided by the Customer may be depicted on the enclosure, which helps to create individual design of the product. GORELTEX may manufacture non-standard enclosures with exclusive Customer’s right of sale.

Involving GORELTEX with its industrial expertise that proved themselves as Russian largest manufacturer of high-quality and reliable explosion-proof equipment in the CU and CIS countries, as well as non-CIS countries, provides the guaranteed result that satisfies the requirements of RF legislation.

CM contract

CM contract is contract manufacturing.

In this case GORELTEX is responsible for final assembly of devices only and provides only its industrial facilities, warehouses and workforce, while the Customer designs the product, purchases all required components, as well as the Customer is responsible for certification, promotion, backup and maintenance of finished products.

The cooperation under CM contract provides for long-term win-win relationships with a huge number of industrial orders.

Non-standard equipment for specific tasks

GORELTEX offers its clients the services for development and manufacture of explosion-proof equipment for specific tasks.

High level of expertise in the field of manufacture of explosion-proof equipment, our own production site and personnel who knows their trade is the foundation of our work. All this help us to create new explosion-proof equipment based on your specific tasks and convenience to use this equipment during operation.

Upon your request, we can manufacture explosion-proof control and indicating devices, lighting and CCTV systems and other products.

How does it work?

You send the specification. Then our specialists design and develop new equipment that is out of the list of standard equipment. Just mark the task in the specification for which the equipment is required for - all the rest will be done by our engineers.

As a result, you get unique equipment that is entirely adapted for specific conditions of operation and designed for specific tasks

Examples of non-standard equipment

SGR06 string lights of explosion-proof signal flashlights for light marking of hazardous area

This product is the chain of explosion-proof signal flashlights connected with each other, which is used for area guarding and marking of hazardous zones. The color of flashlights, the distance between them and length may be different - all this is customizable.

SHGV-DVA explosion-proof switching modules with RCBO and SHGV-UZO residual current device

Difference between SHGV switching module and SHGVA standard modules:

• The switch handle in SHGV special switching modules is located frontally unlike side location in SHGVA series. Such location is more convenient when operating the equipment.

• SHGV special switching modules accommodate 3P switches unlike SHGVA standard modules where up to 4 poles can be installed.

• SHGVA series is developed specially for use in the atmosphere containing acetylene that is found quite rarely. SHGV special switching modules cannot be used in atmospheres containing acetylene.