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Library of IES files of GORELTEX lighting devices


Files of IES standard (Illuminating Engineering Society) have been created for electronic transmission of photometric data of illumination. This standard is widely used by many manufacturers and is one of the industrial standards of photometric data. IES file carries the information on light intensity. These files can be represented as digital copy of the real light source. In the modelling and visualization software, they are required for creation of physically correct light sources - light fixtures and floodlights. The files contain energy (not visual) photometric characteristic.

Library of IES files of GORELTEX lighting devices in a file.
02.07.2020, 1.44Mb, zip, download 

IES files for other lighting devices of "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. are provided upon written request.

IES files provided in this section are the property of "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. and are provided for temporary use. It is prohibited to make any publication or introduce changes into files without written approval.

DIALux - is the program for illumination calculation and design. The program is free and may use data of any lighting equipment for which electronic bases are available in format supported by DIALux..>>