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Explosion-proof light fixtures for fluorescent lamps series SGL01...L (LSP- ЕхТ, EXEL, AVN)


Explosion-proof light fixtures SGL01...L for fluorescent lamps are intended for illumination of industrial premises, open production sites and other places, where explosive atmospheres may be present.

The body of explosion-proof fluorescent light fixtures SGL01...L is made from antistatic impact-resistant glassfiber reinforced polyester with transparent polycarbonate globe, which is fastened by stainless steel clamps. That is why the  light fixtures are resistant to constant exposure to aggressive atmospheres, including hydrogen sulphide vapors, chemically resistant to operating environment and UV radiation. For the purpose of convenience and saving time for lamp replacement, the translucent panel of the fluorescent light fixture is fastened by latch locks, purpose-made non-sparking sockets are used.

Explosion-proof fluorescent light fixtures SGL01...L have feed-through and dead-end connection by means of a wire or a metal hose with wire cross-section up to 6 mm2 (with cable lug) and are additionally completed with cable glands. Non-sparking electronic ballast was developed for fast, reliable and careful lighting up of fluorescent lamps at temperatures below zero without flashing, with automatic function of disconnection of defective or faulty lamps.

A storage battery is used in explosion-proof fluorescent light fixtures SGL01...L for emergency lighting. Correct functioning of light fixture SGL01...L at temperatures below zero is confirmed by MTBF tests. 

Manufacturing of explosion-proof light fixtures SGL01 from stainless steel resistant to high temperatures and corrosion is possible.

Scope of application – outdoor and indoor areas hazardous with gas as per explosion protection marking, GOST 30852.13-2002 (IEC 60079-14:1996) and other codes regulating application of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.