Explosion-proof equipment plant
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Manufacturing of non-standard explosion-proof enclosures (flameproof enclosures) as per customer's specification


Following import substitution policy since 2015, "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. (former "CORTEM-GORELTEX" Co. Ltd.) has made considerable progress in organizing the manufacturing of the whole range of cast enclosures in the territory of Russia which are used as components.

Today, we can offer the manufacturing (casting) of customized enclosures according to a customer‘s individual requirements. The customer may choose the required shape and dimensions of the enclosure, product material - modified corrosion-resistant aluminum-dilicon alloy or corrosion-resistant stainless chrome-nickel steel, cover - flat or cylindrical joint, various colors of antistatic polymer-epoxy coating, required type of explosion protection, additional mechanical processing.

At the casting stage, a logo and text provided by the customer may be indicated on the enclosure which enables to create corporate design of the product. Goreltex may manufacture non-standard enclosures with exclusive sales rights.

Full manufacturing cycle under individual order takes not more than 6 months from the moment of order taking to collecting of the first commercial batch of enclosures.

Process of manufacturing of non-standard size of the enclosure:

  1. Receipt of the customer‘s specification.
  2. Creation of 3D model and its approval with foundry engineers and mechanical processing engineers.
  3. Mathematical modeling of explosion inside the enclosure with the confirmation of non-destruction of the structure. 
  4. Manufacturing of patterns.
  5. Casting of test samples.
  6. Testing of pilot samples and certification procedure.
  7. Launch into manufacturing.

Goreltex guarantees the quality of the manufactured products and their conformity to customer‘s specification requirements and declared explosion safety standards.

Upon customer‘s request, nameplates are made from metal, plastic or plastic with metallized area. Any colored information may by indicated on the nameplates: product and project number, companies logos, operating manuals, symbols, etc.

Finally, you get reliable, certified and individual product which is 100% suitable for your project and capable to implement various system solutions.


Non-standard enclosures made from corrosion-resistant aluminum-silicon alloy available for order 

SHORVA series boxes, ExdIIC, РВ ExdI, IP66/67/68

Box dimension type 3D model and drawing Dimensions, mm Mass, kg
External Internal Window
A B C a b c Ød ØL
SHORVA131313 130 130 134 106 106 94 116 - 2,3
SHORVA424254 429,5 429,5 545 395,5 395,5 470 370 - 44,1
SHORVA131313-O09 130 130 134 106 106 86,5 93 90 2,6

SHORV series boxes, ExdIIB+H2, ExdIICX, РВ ExdI, IP66/67/68

Box dimension type 3D model and drawing Dimensions, mm Standard dimensions of window, mm Mass, kg
External Internal
A B C a b c LxMxH
SHORV333320 338 338 205 266 266 155 -17,1
SHORV363129 364 314 294 292 242 235 - 19,8
SHORV433528 433 350 286 361 278 222 - 26,8
SHORV464625 463,5 463,5
258 391,5391,5 204 - 37
SHORV564328 563 433 286 488 358 213 - 45,6
SHORV333320-О1621 338 338 205 266 266 144 160x213 17.5
SHORV896735-О2030 891 671 355 777 557 207 300x200 168
SHORV896745-О2030 891 671 455 777 557 307 300х200 192

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