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Customized explosion-proof cabinets SHGV, SHGVA, SHGE, UVG (QFM)


"ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. has a wide experience in the design, development and manufacture of high-technology control cabinets and distribution boards as per customer's layout. It has been a reliable supplier of explosion-proof systems all over the world for several decades. We are trusted by leading Russian companies such as Gazprom, Gazprom-Neft, Rosneft, LUKOIL, Surgutneftegas and leading international companies Total, BP, Shell, Eni, and many other. The manufactured equipment fully complies with the requirements of Gazprom and Rosneft. Operation experience in Russia and former USSR republics from the end of the 1970s. The equipment of "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. is used from Sakhalin to Kaliningrad, from Murmansk to the Black Sea, in the Extreme North conditions, and in the deserts of Turkmenistan.

Full production cycle starting from casting molds to ready product is performed at the explosion-proof equipment plant “ZAVOD GORELTEX” Co. Ltd. in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Customized explosion-proof cabinets SHGV, SHGVA, SHGE, UVG (QFM)

Control cabinets are manufactured in accordance with customer's requirements. Explosion-proof cabinets Goreltex are intended for arrangement of signaling elements, control and monitoring elements on the front panel, and electrotechnical apparatuses inside. The type of explosion protection Exd of the whole product is ensured. This allows us to implement a large number of circuit designs


Requirements to fasteners of flameproof enclosure as per GOST IEC 60079-1-2013:

§ 11.1 Fasteners accessible inside and outside and required for assembly of parts of the flameproof enclosure

- be special fasteners (countersunk or used in blind holes, or the protection of which is provided by the equipment design) and meet the requirements of GOST 31610.0 (for the equipment of group I);

- be special fasteners and meet the requirements of GOST31610.0 (for the equipment of group II).

Note – Application of countersunk fasteners or in blind holes for the equipment of group I is required for the protection of fasteners heads from impact. Cylindrical heads of screws with hexagonal socket for the equipment of group II shall be countersunk or used in blind holes, or their protection shall be provided by the equipment design.

Control cabinet is a complex device for control and monitoring of technological processes at the industrial facility. In accordance with the certificate, these products are completed as per individual order with the required electrotechnical components (circuit breakers, RCBO, relay, timers, contactors, transformers, magnetic starters, fuses, releases, bus bars, terminal blocks, storage batteries, intrinsic safety barriers etc.) and IT-components (processors, controllers, analog and digital input-output devices, switches, Wi-Fi etc.). Inspection windows made of heat- and impact-resistant hardened glass, multi-layer impact-resistant glass or impact-resistant polycarbonate, control and indicating elements, nonflammable heat insulation materials, heating elements, operating medium feeding devices with flame arresters, radiator cooling systems and solid state cooling elements may be installed on the cabinet's surface. There is an option of arrangement of any digital or analog monitoring and measurement devices (monitors up to 14”, voltmeters, ammeters etc.), overall dimensions of the device itself are the only compatibility criterion.

When designing cabinets there are situations in which dimensions of enclosures are not sufficient to arrange the equipment. In this case the cabinet may be divided into separate modules (several smaller enclosures connected either by metal hoses or by pipe conduit). Application of relatively small modules helps to reduce the dimensions, mass and cost of the cabinet. Moreover, large surface areas make it possible to arrange cable glands in accessible places, which significantly simplifies the mounting process. Modular cabinets are installed on the frame /RAMA, made of galvanized steel (cold or hot-dip galvanizing) or stainless steel upon request. The modules can be mounted on several independent plates or racks, and can be intended for joint installation at the place.

Взрывозащищенные шкафы по схеме заказчикаExplosion-proof control cabinets manufactured by GORELTEX comply with all codes, requirements and rules applicable to the explosion-proof equipment in chemical, oil refining, mining industry, and in other industries where explosive atmosphere may be present. Moreover, thanks to the structure and special properties of SHGV cabinets on the base of the fourth generation enclosures made of corrosion-resistant modified aluminum-silicon alloy, it is possible to use these products on the open seas and in extreme climatic conditions (tropics, subtropics, Arctic area).

Control cabinets can be equipped with a canopy or a climatic protective device explosion-proof all-weather electrically heated cabinet GTG-SHKAF, external heating elements GTG, contour marking with light reflecting coating /SVP, for convenience of operation in the night time, and lighting devices for artificial local lighting in accordance with SNiP 23-05-19.

One of the distinct features of explosion-proof products of "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. is the ergonomic design of control, indicating and signaling elements. Large dimensions of control elements make it possible to work using gloves, which is important when working outside at low temperatures. Indication elements have a large diameter - 40 mm, and are equipped with reflector allowing to clearly see the signal at wide viewing angle and in case of various surface contamination. There is a variety of control elements, indication, control and signaling elements, both standard and customized.


Технический регламент ТР ТС 010/2011 "О безопасности машин и оборудования".
Приложение 1. Основные требования к безопасности машин и оборудования. Пункт 15:

«…Органы управления машиной и (или) оборудованием должны быть выполнены так, чтобы их форма, размеры и поверхности контакта с пользователем соответствовали способу захвата (пальцами, кистью) или нажатия (пальцем руки, ладонью, стопой)…»

Для оборудования, предназначенного для работы при отрицательных температурах окружающей среды или в условиях агрессивных окружающих сред элементы управления оборудования должны быть увеличенного размера, т.к. пользователь работает с оборудованием в рукавицах или защитных перчатках. Применение элементов управления неудовлетворяющих данному требованию недопустимо.

Маркировочные таблички для кнопок и сигнальных ламп Возможно пломбирование ручек управления шкафа.

Возможно пломбирование ручек управления шкафа.

По требованию заказчика изготавливаются маркировочные таблички для кнопок и сигнальных ламп.

“ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. implements a design technology of electrical equipment using the electrical diagram and 3D model of electrical equipment. Thanks to that it is possible to form a full-featured digital model of electrical equipment that is to the maximum extent close to the real product. Grouping of the devices per enclosures makes it possible to structure the modular electrical equipment in accordance with the assembly units and to ensure that the products of high complexity are designed fast. The control of minimum allowed distance from the device to other assembly units is performed within design process. Arrangement of the devices per enclosures ensures automatic routing of communications lines to the wires. Routing of cables is performed in automatic mode. Cables, harnesses and routes are formed from wires. Harness diameter is calculated dynamically and depends on the diameter of cables and wires forming it. Assembly drawings and bills of materials are created in semi-automatic mode and then they come to materials warehouse and to the workshops.

GORELTEX uses specially selected insulation materials, which are of higher quality than general industrial types in order to increase reliability of Ex d equipment. Larger creepage distances and clearances between current-conducting parts of different potential are considered when the electrical devices are designed and arranged inside enclosures. Calculation of the layout and arrangement of the electrical devices, Ex components, partitions and fasteners inside the enclosure, uniformity of heat dissipation is carried out, movement of the blast wave inside enclosure is taken into consideration during arranging. Electronic processing of diagrams of simulation data and thermogram during serial tests is carried out in the laboratory at the plant in Saint Petersburg. All components and conductors are reliably mounted inside the box onto heat distributing mounting panels, DIN rails and directly to the internal walls of the enclosure. Thanks to this, the products conform not only to the required category of the explosive mixture, but also exclude overheating and further malfunction of electrical components. Exd cabinets manufactured by GORELTEX have temperature class T5/T6. We do not manufacture low-quality explosion-proof cabinets with Exd type of protection and temperature class T3 and T4. Terminal boxes with Exd protection are manufactured with temperature class T4, T5, T6.

In many cases operation of electrical equipment is accompanied by the open electrical arc that causes overheating of the walls of Exd enclosure, flying out of hot metal particles, building up of high pressure inside the enclosure due to air heating and damage of insulation. It is rather difficult to provide a full-scale explosion protection in case of high-current arc short circuit. Arrangement of electrotechnical devices inside the enclosure is carried out with mandatory further check of possibility of application in explosive atmosphere.

For direct insertion of cables and wires to Exd enclosure of the control cabinet, specially developed Exd glands are applied. According to the mandatory requirements, this characteristic is given in the certificate. This helps to refuse from inlet junction box (except for mining version РВ), which makes GORELTEX products unique compared with products made by other companies.

“ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. is a worthy leader in the manufacture of reliable explosion-proof cabinets (boards) as per customer’s diagram for oil and gas industry.