Explosion-proof equipment plant
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Explosion-proof monitor KTG-MONITOR1 (SA-INDICATOR)


KTG-MONITOR1 explosion-proof monitor is used in areas, where visual computer information is necessary in potentially hazardous areas. Explosion-proof monitors are intended for operation under unfavorable industrial conditions, where resistance of the equipment to wide temperature range, moisture, dust, impact and vibration is required.

Due to explosion hazard and harsh climatic conditions, the application of specialized protected monitors is required on oil installations and gas booster plants. The monitors may be used to provide the drillmen and supervisors with full information on drilling process by showing the information from drilling computers and video cameras located  in various control points.

KTG-MONITOR1 explosion-proof monitors have IP67 type of protection, which ensures their operability under severe climatic conditions: high level of humidity and impurities, rapid change of ambient temperature in the extended range. That is why the monitors may be used in the open air throughout the year.

The monitor operates within the temperature range from -60°С to +60°С, which helps to use the monitor in open unprotected areas. KTG-MONITOR1 explosion-proof industrial monitors withstand impact load of 7J within entire operating temperature range. KTG-MONITOR1 explosion-proof monitor with IP 67 are used in many areas, where industrial monitors cannot be used. IPX7 moisture protection class means that the monitor can be used fully immersed in water (up to 1 meter depth).

The monitors are manufactured with screen diagonal from 8” to 32” with various characteristics and types of matrices, which always helps to select a solution that meets particular conditions and tasks. The monitors are manufactured with various types of suspension and mounting, including mounting for building into customer’s equipment.

Взрывозащищенная инфракрасная  сенсорная панель

Installation of explosion-proof infrared sensor panel on the screen enables to quickly enter the information, control industrial processes, enhance efficiency, allowing optimization of operator dialogue and controlled system.

Scope of application – outdoor and indoor hazardous areas as per explosion protection marking, GOST 30852.13-2002 (IEC 60079-14:1996), areas with presence of combustible dust, as per GOST IEC 61241-3-2011, dangerous production facilities of I, II, III, IV hazard class supervised by Rostechnadzor of the RF and national technical supervision bodies of the Customs Union and CIS countries.