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Explosion-proof sound-and-light sign PGSK04


Explosion-proof lighted sign PGSK04 is used as informational signs, for issuing audible and visual alarm signals in hazardous areas in order to regulate a person‘s behavior under normal conditions and in emergency situations.

Enclosure of lighted sign PGSK04 is made of modified corrosion-resistant aluminum-silicon alloy resistant to salt spray and other chemical substances. Anti-static polymer-epoxy powder coating. Color RAL 7035. Window of explosion-proof lighted sign is made of impact-resistant tempered glass. LED light source for text backlighting.


- Thickness of ready product is just 113 mm which enables its usage in containers, container units, in rooms with narrow corridors and passsages, and above main and emergency exits etc.

- LED backlighting evenly illuminates the whole area of the information sign.

- Window size is 320x120 mm, which ensures good visibility of informational text.

- Ergonomic and integral product design.

Chemical substances used for production of explosion-proof lighted signs PGSK04 such as glue, compound, conformal coating, greases and seals do not have a negative impact on performance and service life and they do not deteriorate luminous flux level. Suitability of these materials for production of LED circuit board was confirmed by longtime bench testing carried out in own laboratory of "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd.

Design of enclosure of LED signs has a hermetically sealed air filled light indication unit with installed LED circuit boards. This airtight circuit is not disrupted during installation and operation of sign on customer‘s site and prevents ingress of dust, moisture, aggressive atmosphere and gases (e.g. hydrogen supfide) and prevents condensation in case of change of temperature and moisture.

Design features of explosion-proof LED sign PGSK04 and materials used for its production enable continuous protection of light-emitting diodes against exposure to aggressive harmful substances on customer‘s site during long-term service life.

3D models of devices are provided upon request.

Scope of application - underground mines and pits hazardous with gas (methane), coal dust; hazardous indoor and outdoor areas in accordance with explosion protection marking, GOST 30852.13-2002 (IEC 60079-14:1996) and areas hazardous with combustible dust ignition, as per GOST IEC 61241-3-2011, dangerous production facilities of I, II, III, IV hazard classes under supervision of Rostekhnadzor and national supervisory bodies of the CU and the CIS countries.