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Thermosetting expanding sealant PG-VULKAN (CRV-FIRE)


PG-VULKAN is a special sealant which is intended for creation of additional fire protection (end termination) of metal cable glands and fittings. Initial viscous consistency of the sealant helps to apply the sealant to the vertical surfaces of the equipment. PG-VULKAN sealant shall be applied inside the cable gland body with wires, from the internal side of the equipment using special pneumatic gun. The sealant shall be applied to the entire length of the tail part of the cable gland (for a fitting the length of PG-VULKAN sealant shall be not less than 2 diameters of the fitting). In case of fire, at temperature above 200° the effect of expansion with coking occurs. The sealing forms a solid vulcanized barrier which prevents penetration of smoke and fire. PG-VULKAN sealant is an additional efficient barrier for water, gas and pressure. The sealant can be used in the conditions of 100% humidity, it is resistant to radiation (permitted radiation dose – 1,25x108 Rad), it has high dielectric properties (can be applied for cables with operating voltage more than 3,3 kV), frost-resistant.

Fire protection of cables using thermosetting expanding sealant PG-VULKAN

Traditionally, the weak point of industrial facilities in the field of fire safety are cables for various applications. In case of ignition, the concentration of cables in one area (in cable trays, wires in junction boxes and control cabinets) may lead to serious damage in case of fire. High fire load, snowballing of shirt circuits that ignite cable insulation result in quick smoke spread and high temperature increase during the first minutes of fire. Cable insulation deteriorates for a number of reasons. This is caused by mechanical damage, vibrations, humidity, overheating and penetration of various corrosive organic and inorganic compounds. Compared with the volume of flammable substances that are accumulated at the facility, the number of flammable materials in one cable or even in the cable assembly is not big. In case of real fire, as the temperature grows, cables soften and burn out which causes cable glands unsealing and quick penetration of fire into body of the equipment.

The principle of operation of fire-resistant plug made of fire-resistant sealant PG-VULKAN is based on the material capability of thermal expansion in dozens of times in case of sudden increase of ambient temperature. Due to rapid thermal expansion of fire-resistant plug, the foam is formed, which fills not only the inside space of cable gland (fitting) crimping all "melting" wires, but also fills the area around cable entry in the equipment wall and prevents the spread of fire inside the equipment.