Explosion-proof equipment plant
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IIGb/IIIDb explosion-proof frames for wall and floor mounting as per customer's specification

Взрывобезопасные рамы IIGb/IIIDb для настенной и напольной установки по техническому заданию заказчика
Модульные устройства производятся на заказ и монтируются на настенных или напольных монтажных конструкциях, в зависимости от конкретных условий применения.

When designing cabinets there are situations, in which dimensions of enclosures are not sufficient to arrange the equipment. In this case, the cabinet may be divided into separate modules connected either by metal hoses or by pipe conduit. Various dimensions of enclosures enable to create requires modular devices, build in electrical components having various dimensions subject to valid standards and regulations.

Explosion-proof modular devices meet all requirements in chemical and oil processing industries, as well as in other areas of application connected with explosive atmospheres and materials.

Application of relatively small modules enables to reduce the dimensions, mass and cost of the cabinet. All necessary electrical components are controlled through command apparatuses, which are mounted on the outer surface of the front panels. Moreover, large surface areas enable to arrange cable glands in accessible places, which significantly simplifies the mounting. Modular devices are customized and are mounted on wall or floor mounting structures depending on the application conditions.

Modular cabinets are installed on /RAMA frame made from carbon or low-carbon steel (manufacturing from galvanized steel (cold or hot-dip galvanizing) or stainless steel is possible upon request).

Antistatic polymer epoxy coating, frictionally intrinsically safe, resistant to operating environment and ionizing radiation is applied on the modular cabinets by default. Color RAL 7035 (other color is upon request).

Upon the customer‘s request, the coating containing corrosion inhibitor, grey aluminum RAL 9007 (or RAL 3001) or another color, is applied on the frames made from carbon or low-carbon steel.

The frame is manufactured for a particular modular device. Normally, the modules on the frame are connected by means of partition nipples and U-shaped fitting assemblies with partition barriers.

Frames are manufactured for wall or floor mounting and are frictionally intrinsically safe non-electrical equipment with  I Mb, IIGb and  IIIDb level of explosion protection.

По требованию заказчика мы соединяем цепи заземления между модулями и рамой.Upon customer‘s request, we connect ground circuits between modules and the frame.