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Explosion-proof grounding device SHGV-NT-UZG made of stainless steel

PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF APPLICATIONНовая усиленная конструкция, без изменения весо-габаритных параметров оболочек, позволила расширить область применения оборудования для подгруппы IIC.

Explosion-proof digital grounding device type SHGV-NT-UZG made of stainless steel is intended for grounding and static charge removal from the surface of tank cars and road tankers, fuel reservoirs during loading and unloading of flammable liquids, explosive gases, as well as bulk material that form combustible dust.

Intellectual condition control system:
- resistance circuit condition control;
- grounding indication;
- control of pump operation or other electrical handling machine.

If the clamp is removed during loading and unloading, or the grounding is lost (accidental break or high resistance due to undetected oxidation), feeding pump or other electric handling machine will be de-energized.

For direct insertion of cables or wires into Ex d enclosure of the grounding device, the following specially developed Ex d cable glands for direct insertion are applied: KNV, KOV, KNVTN, KNVTV, KNVM, and with encapsulation KNVZ series.

Reliability and safety:
- Constant monitoring system of grounding.
- High accuracy digital measuring circuit for transition resistance that excludes an interference.
- Automatic locking of the operating mechanisms of loading and unloading in case of break of grounding circuit.
- High tripping speed - up to 10 ms.
- Controls resistance 10Ohm to exclude the static electricity in hazardous area (conformity to GOST requirements).
- 3 contact points of the clamps for reliable electrical connection and clamping.
- Electromagnetic immunity.
- Resistance circuit indication.
- Corrosion resistance and durability of the stainless steel clamps.
- Small size and low weight.
- Length of cable for clamps upon buyer’s request - up to 50 m.
- The service life of the devices - over 10 years provided that maintenance is performed in a timely manner.

Scope of application - indoor and outdoor hazardous areas in accordance with explosion protection marking - category II for gas subgroups IIA, IIB, IIB+H2, IIC (without acetylene), zones 1, 2, category III for dust IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, zones 21, 22, category I for firedamp and dust РВ, РП, zones 1, 2, areas non-hazardous with dust and gas.