Explosion-proof equipment plant
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Equipment confirmed by certificate:

Explosion-proof aluminum-silicon alloy junction boxes series KSRV (SA/SAG) Dual Access Enclosure Series SHORV “HALK” Aluminum-silicon alloy explosion-proof boxes SHORV (CCFE) (flameproof enclosures) Ready standard assemblies of explosion-proof junction boxes KSRV-T... Ready standard assemblies of KSRV-T... explosion-proof junction boxes SHORV…-O  (CCFE) explosion-proof boxes with window (flameproof joints) SHORVA…-О (CCA-V ) explosion-proof aluminum-silicon alloy boxes with window (flameproof joints) Aluminum-silicon alloy explosion-proof boxes SHORVA (CCA) (flameproof enclosures) Explosion-proof terminal boxes of KKVA (S) series Explosion-proof local control stations as per customer's specification PKIVA (CSE) one-, two-, three-button explosion-proof local control stations and signaling devices Explosion-proof four-, five-, six-, seven-button explosion-proof local control stations and indicating devices PKIV (CSE Explosion-proof multi-button local control stations and indicating devices PKIV (CCFE-01) Ready standard Exd local control stations and indicating devices, rotary switches (switches) Explosion-proof control units for lifting mechanisms PKIV-UPM, PKIVA-UPM Explosion-proof lift call panels PKIVA-UVL, lift control panels PKIV-ULK, lift control panels from roof PKIV-REVIZIYA, c Explosion-proof remote drive control panel PKIV-DPU, PKIE-DPU (CCFE-MR, SA-MR, CCFE-CF, SA-CF) Explosion-proof board for process indication PKI-TABLO (CCFE-BOARD) as per customer's specification Explosion-proof light and sound signaling device PGSK02 (CSE-ALARM-122) Explosion-proof light and sound signaling device PGSK03 Sound signaling devices PGZ-SIRENA2 (S-HOOTER-122) Explosion-proof limit switches series DVG-KV (PS) Explosion-proof video camera with analog output VNG-2 (CCA-VIDEO) Explosion-proof IP camera for local network connection VNG-2.../LS (CCA-VIDEOIP) Customized explosion-proof cabinets SHGV, SHGVA, SHGE, UVG (QFM) Explosion-proof starter SHGV…-PUSK (CCFE-X-PUSK) Explosion-proof lighting distribution board type SHGV...-SVET (CCFE-X-SVET) Compact explosion-proof switching module SHGV-VA (CCA-ABT) with circuit breaker Explosion-proof circuit breaker-disconnector-fuse SHGV-VRP (CCFE-VRP) Explosion-proof circuit breaker-disconnector-fuse SHGVA-VRP (CCA-VRP) Explosion-proof boards with automatic load transfer type SHGV-AVR (CCFE-R) Explosion-proof wiring boxes series SKV (S) Explosion-proof monitors KTG-MONITOR2 (CCFE4B-DISPLAY)