Explosion-proof equipment plant
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Maritime Register Type Approval Certificate №18.12865.120

СТО №18.12865.120 на средства световой, звуковой и светозвуковой сигнализации взрывозащищенные типов ПГЗ (EMH, EMHS, S-HOOTER, ЩОРВЕ), ПГС (SA, EV, CCA), СГА (XLF, XLI), ПГСК (EV, CSE)

Equipment confirmed by certificate:

Explosion-proof impulse light signaling devices PGS-VSPYSHKA (EV-4050-FLASH) Explosion-proof LED sign with emergency power supply PGS-IT33.../BAT (SА-INDICATOR/BAT) Explosion-proof light signaling devices PGS-SIGNAL (EV-4050-SIGNAL) Explosion-proof LED informational sign (clock) series PGS-CHASY (SA-INDICATOR/CLOCK) Explosion-proof round signs PGS-IT34 (CCA-03H-INDICATOR) Explosion-proof digital informational LED display PGS-BS (SA-INDICATOR/INFO) Explosion-proof rectangular LED sign PGS-IT35 Stainless steel explosion-proof lighted sign PGS-IT31 (SA-INDICATOR/SS) as per customer's specification Explosion-proof sound-and-light signaling device PGSK01 (EV-4050-HOOTER-122) (explosion-proof combined siren+beacon) Explosion-proof sound-and-light sign PGSK04 Explosion-proof light and sound signaling device PGSK02 (CSE-ALARM-122) Explosion-proof light and sound signaling device PGSK03 Explosion-proof sound signaling devices PGZ-POST, PGZ-POST-P, PGZ-POST-N (SHORVE-Q, SHORVE-KP-Q, SHORVE-S-Q) Exd sound signaling device with an option of remote tone selection PGZ-REVUN4 (EMHS-12/MOD1) Exd sound signaling device PGZ-SIRENA1 (EMHS) (electrodynamic siren) Exd 32-tone sound signaling device PGZ-REVUN32 (EMHS-12, EMH-12MD, EMHS-20, EMH-20MD) Sound signaling devices PGZ-SIRENA2 (S-HOOTER-122) Explosion-proof loudspeakers series PGZ-GROM2 (EMH-20MDLOUD/TR) Explosion-proof LED obstruction lights SGA01-S (XLF-9) Explosion-proof LED obstruction lights SGA02 (XLF-3)