Explosion-proof equipment plant
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Explosion-proof flexible single phase constant wattage heating cable GTG-KABEL2 (RETO-CORD/RD2-RD4)


Explosion-proof flexible heating cable of constant power is intended for heating and maintaining the process temperature of automation objects, tanks, pipelines and any other objects that require additional protection against freezing and icing.

The explosion-proof constant wattage heating cable delivers constant power output over the entire length of the heating surface. Heating cables of parallel type with constant power output are intended for electrical heating in industrial conditions of pipelines and equipment. They can also be used for process temperature maintenance and frost protection where high heat output and / or high temperature resistance is required.

A parallel heating element is located inside the constant wattage heating cable. The heating element consists of a high resistance alloy heating coil wrapped around two parallel conductors. The distance between the points of contact of the conductors determines the length of the heating zone. The parallel design allows you to cut the cable into pieces of the required length and terminate the cable directly on site. As the temperature rises, the output power of the heating cable decreases. The cable's relatively flat temperature curve provides relatively low inrush current and high power output at elevated temperatures.

1. Conductive tinned copper conductors.
2. Insulation.
3. Nichrome wire.
4. Internal insulation.
5. External insulation.
6. Aluminium-magnesium alloy protective braid.
7. Outer protective shell.

For better heat transfer, it is recommended to use an assembly sealant.

Scope of application - explosion hazardous areas of premises and outdoor installations, in accordance with the assigned explosion protection marking, the requirements of GOST IEC 60079-14-2013 and industry safety rules governing the use of this equipment in hazardous areas.