Explosion-proof equipment plant
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Explosion-proof flexible heating low temperature HV self-regulating cable GTG-KABEL1-65 (RETO-CORD/S/R65-S-LD)

PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF APPLICATIONВзрывозащищенный гибкий греющий низкотемпературный кабель высокой мощности с саморегулировкой температуры ГТГ-КАБЕЛЬ1-65

Explosion-proof flexible heating self-regulating cable is intended for heating and maintaining of process temperature of automation facilities, reservoirs, pipes and other facilities that require additional protection against freezing and icing.

Heating element material shrinks at low temperatures creating lots of carbon current-conducting paths and reducing electrical resistance. When electric current flows via heating element, a thermal energy output occurs.

Heating element material expands in warmer sections of the explosion-proof heating cable, reducing number of current-conducting paths. Electrical resistance of heating element material increases, resulting in a significant thermal energy output reduction.

Expansion of material of heating element in hot spots of the heating cable almost entirely tears current-conducting paths. Along with that, electric resistance of material becomes very high, which leads to significant reduction of heat energy output.

Принцип работы Взрывозащищенные гибкие греющие кабели ГТГ-КАБЕЛЬ1

Scope of application - explosive zones of premises and outdoor installations, in accordance with the accepted explosion protection marking, the requirements of GOST IEC 60079-14-2013 and industry Safety Rules governing the use of this equipment in explosive conditions.