Explosion-proof equipment plant
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Explosion-proof all-weather floor-mounted thermal cabinets GTG-SHKAF (KSH/TERMO-BOX) with electric heating


Explosion-proof all-weather floor-mounted thermal cabinets GTG-SHKAF with control unit are intended for installation of various equipment (flow meter, pressure and temperature sensors, transducers and other measuring and analytical equipment) inside them that operate in the limited temperature range in hazardous areas and under severe weather conditions.

Explosion-proof all-weather floor-mounted thermal cabinets GTG-SHKAF conform to all norms, rules and requirements to electrical equipment in chemical, oil and gas, mining industries, as well as in other industries, where explosive atmosphere is present.

The temperature inside the thermal cabinet is increased by explosion-proof heater with additional temperature control device. Control of the heating element and power supply is performed through explosion-proof boxes KSRV. If necessary, heating control units may be installed outside the thermal cabinet, thus saving space inside the thermal cabinet for customer‘s equipment. This ensures full explosion protection of heating system of the thermal cabinet. In case of change of outside temperature in the range from -60°С to +45°С, the temperature inside the thermal cabinet, when temperature controller is on, is within the range from +5°С to + 45°С without condensation of moisture. 

Для обеспечения качественной теплоизоляции внутренние стенки термошкафа покрываются специализированным слоем сверхлёгкого теплостойкого металлизированного армированного утеплителя или для усиления теплоизоляции дополнительное покрытие экструзионным вспененным полимером.

Upon customer‘s request, thermal cabinets GTG-SHKAF may be equipped with viewing windows. Sizes of windows depend on type of the used box and place of installation of thermal cabinets.

Depending on customer‘s needs, the temperature inside the thermal cabinet may be regulated using various types of thermostats or using automatic system on the base of programmable logic controller.

Inner cabinet walls are covered with a special layer of ultra-light heat-resistant metalized armored heat insulator for ensuring efficient thermal insulation, or an additional extrusion polymer foam coating is applied to increase thermal insulation.

The explosion protection is ensured by the installation of explosion-proof components in the body of the thermal cabinet.

Scope of application – outdoor and indoor hazardous areas and pits non-hazardous with gas or dust, as per explosion protection marking, GOST 30852.13-2002 (IEC 60079-14:1996), regulating the application of electrical equipment in hazardous areas, dangerous production facilities of I, II, III, IV hazard class supervised by Rostechnadzor of the RF and national technical supervision bodies of the Customs Union and CIS countries.