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All-season heated protective containers GTG-CONTAINER (KSH/TERMO-HUGE) with electric heating


GTG-CONTAINER heated protective containers are intended for installation of various equipment and systems and ensuring reliable operation in harsh weather conditions at open sites, for any facilities, where there is no opportunity to install equipment indoors.

GTG-CONTAINER protective containers are customizable.

The arrangement of the equipment in the container helps to refuse major construction: manufacture of the container is cheaper than to build a similar structure, 2/3 as a rule. By installing the equipment in GTG-CONTAINER container, you get a complex system adapted for transportation, fast installation and long-term operation.

In case of frequent transportation of protective containers, losses for mounting/dismantling and transportation of the equipment are reduced; start-up time of the equipment is reduced at a new facility. The container is equipped with life support systems of electrical equipment. Also, upon customer‘s request, the container may be equipped with heating, conditioner, pipe and cable conduits, mounting system etc., assembled on the base of high-quality materials and components.

Upon customer‘s request, GTG-CONTAINER protective containers may be equipped with PVC windows. Number, size and design of windows depend on purpose and place of installation of protective containers.

Всепогодные утепленные защитные контейнеры ГТГ-КОНТЕЙНЕРContainer dimensions and internal configuration enable to carry out maintenance and repair of the equipment freely under conditions, which are comfortable for a man. Anti-vandal version guarantees preservation of the equipment while transporting and operating under unfavorable conditions. Transportation of the container may be performed by water and road transport. Typical transport and handling machines intended for container shipment are used for transportation of containers.

Version /RELOADED was developed for safe and reliable delivery of the container to offshore fixed and floating oil and gas platforms (the container is reloaded in the sea as per IMO/Circ.860 and EN-12079). The container design reloaded in the sea ensures safety of handling operations in the sea with up to 6 m waves. Assembled containers withstand slope angle up to 30 in any direction. This excludes the rolling over of the container on the shaking deck.

All-weather heated containers are intended for installation of engineering systems, compressor units, pump stations, integrated transformer substations, control and measuring systems.