Explosion-proof equipment plant
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Explosion-proof Exd rotary switches (switches) type PPG 63A, 80A (EFSCO)


Explosion-proof rotary switches and switches (selector switches) PPG are referred to stationary devices and are intended for switching of electrical circuits in hazardous areas at industrial facilities. The products are highly resistant to hydrogen sulphide which is confirmed by TR CU certificates. Service life of flameproof joints of PPG series Exd explosion-proof enclosures is more than 25 years.

One of the distinctive features of explosion-proof equipment produced by "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. (former "CORTEM-GORELTEX" Co. Ltd.) is ergonomic design of control elements and enclosure of the device. Large size of operating handles makes it possible to work in gloves (which is important for outdoor operation at low temperatures). Sunk position of an operating handle on PPG enclosures protects against accidental switching in case of dropping of different objects or ice from the racks.

It is quite difficult to provide full-scale explosion protection of the rotary switch (switch) in case of high-current arc short circuit. In many cases operation of switches (Exd protection) is accompanied by open electric arc that causes overheating of walls of Exd enclosure, flying out of metal particles from the enclosures, building of high pressure due to heating of air and damage of insulation. Electromechanical switching apparatuses are arranged inside PPG explosion-proof enclosures with longer creepage distances on surfaces of insulation parts and gaps between bare current-conducting parts of different potential. Specially selected switching apparatuses with insulating materials of higher quality are used as internal components in the enclosures which makes it possible to receive products which not only comply with the required category of mixture explosiveness, but also exclude overheating and further malfunctioning of electromechanical components.

Each individual product undergoes thorough acceptance in accordance with accurate quality control plan GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015). Compliance with norms and technical specifications of the customer is verified in accordance with special procedure. inspections are carried out stepwise throughout the entire production cycle. Switches are produced according to the latest European and Russian technology, and their price can compete even with outdated samples produced in Russia.

Full production cycle starting from casting molds and to ready product is performed at the explosion-proof equipment plant “ZAVOD GORELTEX” Co. Ltd. (former “CORTEM GORELTEX” Co. Ltd.) on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Scope of application - hazardous indoor and outdoor areas in accordance with explosion protection marking, GOST 30852.13-2002 (IEC 60079-14:1996) and areas hazardous with combustible dust ignition, as per GOST IEC 61241-3-2011, dangerous production facilities of I, II, III, IV hazard classes under supervision of Rostekhnadzor and national supervisory bodies of the CU and the CIS countries.