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Exploion-proof circuit breaker SHGV-RT3 (EFD-3) with thermal protection function


Новая усиленная конструкция, без изменения весо-габаритных параметров оболочек, позволила расширить область применения оборудования для подгруппы IIC.

SHGV-RT3 series explosion-proof three-pole circuit breakers with thermal protection function are used for control and protection of three-phase asynchronous electric motors of various technological installations. SHGV-RT3 circuit breakers are applied in chemical, oil and chemical, pharmaceutical and other branches of industry, where explosion-proof equipment is required.

SHGV-RT3 series explosion-proof three-pole circuit breakers with thermal protection function are highly resistant to hydrogen sulfide exposure, which is confirmed in TR CU certificates. Flameproof joint service life is more than 25 years. Electromagnetic circuit breaker with manual control of current setting of thermal protection is installed in Exd enclosure. It is difficult to ensure full explosion protection of circuit breakers in case of high-current short circuit through an arc.

In order to increase the reliability of SHGV-RT3 explosion-proof circuit breakers, "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. applies specially selected modular circuit breakers of thermal protection with high quality isulating materials, in comparison with general industrial ones. This helps to get products corresponding to the level of required category of explosive mixture, as well as to exclude overheating and further malfunction of electric components. Convenient large operating handle is installed on the cover of enclosure (important for working outdoors at low temperature in gloves). Operating handle can be equipped with a seal or a lock for prevention of unauthorized access.

For direct insertion of cables and wires to Exd enclosure of SHGV-RT3, the following specially developed Exd glands for direct insertion are applied: KNV, KOV, KNVTN, KNVTV, KNVM and with encapsulation KNVZ series. According to the mandatory requirements, this characteristic is specified in the certificate. This helps to refuse from inlet junction box, which makes the products of "ZAVOD GORELTEX" Co. Ltd. unique compared with products of other companies.

Full production cycle from foundry patterns to finished products is carried out by explosion-proof equipment plant “ZAVOD GORELTEX” Co. Ltd. in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Scope of application – outdoor and indoor hazardous areas as per explosion protection marking, GOST 30852.13-2002 (IEC 60079-14:1996), areas with presence of combustible dust, as per GOST IEC 61241-3-2011, dangerous production facilities of I, II, III, IV hazard class supervised by Rostechnadzor of the RF and national technical supervision bodies of the Customs Union and CIS countries.