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Explosion-proof thermal housings VNG-1 (CSP) for video cameras


Explosion-proof thermal housings series VNG-1 are used in video surveillance systems for security, safety and control of technological processes at explosive and aggressive facilities, including mines hazardous with gas and dust. Explosion-proof thermal housings series VNG-1 are intended for the protection of general industrial analog and IP-video cameras with fixed lens, variable focus lens or zoom lens (option of optical zoom in/out) against unfavourable ambient conditions and their installation in areas with gas and explosion hazard indoors and outdoors. The housing is designed as a flameproof enclosure with Exd type of protection. Thermal housings are also intended for operation in explosive mixtures of dust, vapors and gases with air, with content of corrosive agents in the atmosphere.

Explosion-proof thermal housings series VNG-1 for video cameras with IP66 degree of protection guarantee stable operation of video surveillance equipment installed inside in severe climatic conditions. Thanks to IP66 degree of protection, the enclosure reliably protects camera unit and variable focus lens against dust, rain and other precipitation. Optionally built-in heating system makes it possible to heat inspection window and electronic components inside enclosure /OBOGREV and enables operation of the device in a temperature range to -60 °С. Explosion-proof thermal housings series VNG-1 may be equipped with pneumatic header developed for the prevention of contamination of the inspection window by building excessive air pressure that prevents formation of dust and dirt deposits.

- Inner diameter 106 mm allows arranging almost any video camera unit.
- Option of connection of up to 4 independent cables.
Термокожухи ВНГ-1 предназначены для установки IP камер, а так же аналоговых видеокамер с цифровыми устройствами видео захвата для использования в составе высокотехнологичных интеллектуальных систем видеонаблюдения

Camera housing is an integral assembly unit with a built-in junction box and enables easy connection to video camera outputs. Camera housing enables installation of up to 5 independent cable glands which makes it possible to connect separate circuits of emergency and main power supply, data transmission, electrical heating, external infrared illuminator etc. Besides, there‘s enough space for various modules or for additional wiring for series connection of several cameras or illuminators. Thermal housings series VNG-1 are available in different sizes which helps to select an optimal size of the housing with the required useful volume (overall dimensions on the drawing "ØВ x D"). Special housings VNG-1-1- are intended for installation of miniature video cameras with different lens depending on the requirements. Elements of the video camera are installed into junction box area (dimension "E"). 

Design of the explosion-proof enclosure series VNG-1 for video cameras ensures easiness of its installation at site without use of additional devices. Two options of video camera installation are possible: wall mounting and ceiling mounting. Both types of mounting are made on swing bracket made from galvanized steel which allow positioning of video cameras at the surveillance object. Brackets /RAMA are installed as per customer‘s specification and enable installation of explosion-proof video cameras on the wall, on pipe or corners of buildings for video surveillance solutions under conditions when video cameras shall be installed as high as possible (surveillance of the perimeter of access to the building).

Thermal housings are intended for installation of IP cameras and analog video cameras with digital devices of video capture in which technologies of computer vision are applied. Video surveillance system with the technology of computer vision is intended for round-the-clock provision of secutrity of premises by means of automated detection and recognition of targets (people and vehicles) and transmission of video information about emergency situations (fire, landslide, breakdown etc.) to system operator in real time and automatic switching on of emergency warning alarm signal.

Взрывозащищённый термокожух ВНГ-1 возможно оснастить различными системами охлаждения согласованными с заказчиком и сертификационным центром Explosion-proof thermal housing VNG-1 can be equipped with various cooling systems approved by the customer and certification body and is applied in video surveillancy systems under conditions of high temperature, in foundries, rolling mills, furnaces, chemical facilities and other aggressive atmospheres.

At customer‘s request, the video camera is installed into VNG-1 thermal housing at GORELTEX manufacturing site, which will ensure reliability and fault-free operation of the device.

Scope of application - underground mines and pits hazardous with gas (methane), coal dust; hazardous indoor and outdoor areas in accordance with explosion protection marking, GOST 30852.13-2002 (IEC 60079-14:1996) and areas hazardous with combustible dust ignition, as per GOST IEC 61241-3-2011, dangerous production facilities of I, II, III, IV hazard classes under supervision of Rostekhnadzor and national supervisory bodies of the CU and the CIS countries.