Equipment for hazardous industrial facilities of I, II, III and IV hazard classes
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GoreltEx CAD system (starters, control stations, terminal boxes)
Contractual production of explosion-proof equipment (ODM-contract, OEM-contract, OCM-contract, CM-contract)
Local production of explosion-proof equipment

“ZAVOD GORELTEX” Co. Ltd. (former “CORTEM-GORELTEX” Co. Ltd.) is an active member of Technical Committee for Standardization TC 403 “Explosion-proof and mining electrical equipment”. It participates in development of new standards, public supervision of production and operation of explosion-proof equipment in the Russian Federation.

Our specialists have the latest technical standards for operation of explosion-proof equipment of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, China, EU countries, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, the USA. We work permanently with NANIO “CCVE” which is the leader in the field of certification of services for assessment of conformity to the standards of safety of electrical equipment intended for use in explosive areas.

This is the only IECEx-accredited organization in Russia and the CIS countries. Industrial safety evaluation of technical devices applied at dangerous production facilities is carried out in particular cases (upon customer’s request) jointly with NANIO “CCVE”.

Version for minimum operating temperature -75°C**
Marine version
Earthquake-resistant version
Explosion-proof fire detectors, alarms, switching devices
Execution of equipment for different weather factors
Version for operation in tropical areas
Special version for nuclear facilities of nuclear power plants “Small leak”
Special version for nuclear facilities of nuclear power plants “Small leak”

Marking of explosion-proof equipment according to the EAC
production partner R. STAHL
Made in Russia
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Explosion-proof enclosures
Explosion-proof enclosures